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Vanilla Syrup/ 5 Ways to use vanilla coffee syrup

in house vanilla syrup

Coffee syrup is a fabulous addition to your pantry and can be used in so many ways. For those with a major sweet tooth, vanilla coffee syrup is versatile, sweet, and delicious. From adding it to your hot or iced coffee to using it in your favourite dessert, vanilla coffee syrup creates an enjoyable flavour experience. Here are five unique ways you can use vanilla syrup to enhance the tastes you crave: 1. As coffee flavouring One fun way to add vanilla syrup to your morning or afternoon coffee is to make vanilla coffee ice cubes. Add these into your iced lattes or ice americanos and as the ice melts, it will give your drink a wonderful vanilla twist. You can either fill your ice cube tray with leftover cold coffee and add a small amount of coffee syrup that's vanilla to each cube, or fill your ice cube tray with your favourite milk and add drops of syrup into each section. Another way to elevate your iced or hot coffee is by adding a few pumps of vanilla coffee syrup directly into your beverage. Just stir until it is well mixed and enjoy! 2. In a vanilla slice recipe This mouthwatering dessert has a thick layer of vanilla bean custard placed between two delicious flaky puff pastry layers. Amplify the vanilla flavour by adding a few vanilla coffee syrup pumps to your dessert. Top off the vanilla slices with powdered sugar for an incredible dessert and enjoy its flaky goodness! 3. In vanilla ice cream Drizzle vanilla coffee syrup over your ice cream to add an extra layer to your dessert. Vanilla syrup goes great with coffee ice cream, chocolate ice cream, classic scoops of vanilla and so many other flavours. If you are making homemade ice cream, insert the syrup into the recipe and when it’s ready, indulge. 4. In vanilla-flavoured pancakes Start your mornings with lovely vanilla flavored pancakes by adding vanilla coffee syrup into your mixture. These pancakes will go perfectly with your coffee and can add a little sweetness to your morning. Serve them with drops of vanilla syrup on top for a breakfast that is unbeatable. 5. In cocktails Vanilla coffee syrup works wonderfully in alcoholic and non-alcoholic cocktails to create a flavourful, delightful drink. Add it into an espresso martini, old fashioned or even a simple vanilla martini. Including vanilla coffee syrup into your cocktail recipes will elevate your drinks and pleasantly surprise your visitors. The best vanilla coffee syrup



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